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Those humble beginnings in 2016 when dvasadva was incorporated, from today's perspective, seem otherworldly, indeed. It is fair to say that the act of incorporating a business back then was definitely more driven by the force of mindlessness than strategic reasoning. Obviously, sometimes mindlessness really works. But mindlessness will not get you far.

In order to navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship, vision is essential, combined with an ever-present ability to quickly pivot when circumstances require it.

With that in mind, and fueled by our passion for creating standout solutions, we began developing web apps and websites using the WordPress architecture. Mind you, that was the time when React and its class-based components (OGs will remember these) were starting to take off. Admittedly, we didn't know much, but we embraced a culture of curiosity and avoided cutting corners – values that we hold dear to this day.

Soon, the entire WordPress ecosystem began to feel somewhat limiting. As we watched tutorials and online presentations, it became glaringly obvious that React was the new kid on the block. And we all know how it goes with shiny new toys. We dove right in! It was clear from the start that this technology had the potential to revolutionize frontend development, offering clear benefits for both clients and developers. The community was vibrant as well. This is the point when you realize you are part of something impactful and just know that future analyses will prove you right.

This romantic early stage of the technology life cycle obviously can't last long, and immersing oneself in another technology stack is crucial for a much-needed change in perspective. Thus, the strategic decision was made to pivot into the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Back in 2020, we speculated that the field would experience a renaissance, but the sheer magnitude of research being done on Large Language Models and the hype measured by how quickly a project can accumulate gigantic volumes of GitHub stars in a short time was honestly beyond our wildest dreams. History rhymes, and it is extremely satisfying to see the potential once again, as well as to be a part of it.

With our feet firmly planted on the ground, a human-centric approach, and a commitment to constructing solutions that benefit people throughout the production chain, we prioritize these values in every aspect of our business. In our case, the code is written for people, not for machines, and it should be easily understandable even if it means being a bit verbose.

Throughout our business journey, honesty and a straightforward approach have always been paramount pillars that we have abided by, alongside our strong business acumen.

If you've come this far, I humbly thank you. I truly do. It's a pleasure to have you right here. Peace!

Siniša Košćec

Founder and CEO

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